Wrinkle Reduction Treatment
Consultation Free
1 area £145
2 areas £170
3 areas £225
4 areas £275
Jowls £299
Gummy smile £180
Downturned mouth £180
Neck vertical (lines/bands) £250
Please allow for an additional £10 male supplement to all treatments
Dermal Fillers
Consultation Free
Juvederm Premium
Upper lip lines £250 £450
Nose to mouth lines £320 £550
Mouth to chin £260 £400
Cheek shaping £210 £290
Lip Enhancement (0.5ml) £140 £220
Lip Enhancement (1ml) £170 £290
Consultation Free
Single treatment £250
Course of three £650
Course of five £995
Flawless Pen
Consultation Free
Single treatment £150
Course of three £360
Chemical Peel
Consultation Free
Milk Peel (mild/superficial peel)
Single treatment £45
Course of three £110
Perfect Peel (deep/medium peel)
Single treatment £350
Single treatment with booster £370
Restylane Skin Booster
Consultation Free
1ml syringe £200
2ml syringe £250

Consultation Free
Hair rejuvenation Subject to consultation
Skin rejuvenation Subject to consultation

*Please note at the end of the free consultation, a 10% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure any appointments for treatment. The deposit will then be taken off the final price of the treatment, agreed during your consultation.