All intimate and Brazilian waxing is carried out using hot wax. This is a much gentler form of waxing used for sensitive areas such as the intimate area. Hot wax does not involve strips so there is no unnecessary tugging or pulling of the skin.

The Kim Lawless technique is a far superior form of hair removal than traditional methods and you will find it a quick and very effective intimate wax with very little discomfort.

If you are booking in for an intimate wax of any sorts please be advised that you need to grow your hair at least 4 weeks from your last shave and 6 weeks since your last wax to ensure the best result from your waxing.

Bikini Waxing involves removing hair from the side of the pubic area and underneath where it will be visible whilst wearing pants or bikini bottoms.

Brazilian Waxing involves everything being removed – pubic area, butt, butt cheeks (if necessary), inner and outer labia. A small thin strip of hair can be left on if you prefer to have a ‘Landing strip’.